These are the countries where prison breaking (escape) is legal and not punishable……

In some countries such as Mexico,Germany and Austria Prison escape is not punishable by law .

*But there are terms and conditions *


In Mexico, Germany, Austria the law recognizes that it is basic human nature to escape and hence the act of escaping itself is not a crime, although you may be punished for any other crime that you commit during your escape.

Example 1 –
Break a window and jump out of it. This one was easy – you damaged property on the course of escape.

Example 2 –
Jump out of an open window and escape. Your crime? Stealing prison clothes, unless you jumped out naked.

As a practical matter, it is nearly impossible to escape without committing a crime and even if you do, you may loose any earned good conduct credits if you are caught again.



well a German law student explains this clearly :

Prison escape in Germany is not punishable by law if the escaped person doesn’t break any other laws. I can say, it is close to impossible to escape a prison without breaking a law. If the prisoner damage the bars, it’s damage to property (Sachbeschädigung?!), if the prisoner runs a way with his prison clothes on, it’s theft. Taking hostages, beating someone etc. will be punished as well. Any crime you do while escaping from prison will be held against you. Edit: It’s illegal to help someone to escape from prison.


In Mexican law, it’s not punishable to escape prison, as the desire for liberty is viewed as a basic human right. From Mexican law:

Article 154. To the prisoner that to escape (from prison) will not be given any penalty, except when it’s in complicity with one or more other prisoners and they perform violence on other people, in which case the penalty is six months to three years in prison.

Their time outside jail its not considered part of their jail time so if they are caught after some years, they still have to do the time they got left on the original sentence, Nor more or less. They lose their right to be considered good conduct prisioners and all the sentence reductions for this cause. Massive prision scapes are not uncommon, some of the latest ones being around 130 inmates that fled using a tunnel, or some external commandos that bomb the prision walls.

Final Advice : If you want a successful escape ,better take Michael Scofield’s  advice.  🙂

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